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  • Inventions
  • Industrial  Designs
  • Distintive Signs
  • Intellectual Property
  • Legal Service
  • Drafting of Contracts
  • Negotiations and Licences                                         



  • Drafting of the description and claims to ensure an optimal protection and filing of the application  in the corresponding patent office.
  • Patent defence before the corresponding patent authorities, always in close collaboration with the client in order to solve eventual objections by examiners.
  • Control and monitoring of the different stages of the patent application procedure and maintenance of granted patents.
  • Information on patents published all over the world.
  • Oppositions, official remarks and appeals against patent applications and patents of competitors, as well as defence of patent applications in case of oppositions, remarks and appeals filed by third parties.
  • Patentability reports and examinations, aimed at avoiding our client unnecessary registrations  or at evaluating a patent from a competitor.
  • Studies of patent infringement in two senses: Both in case third parties are infringing our client’s rights and vice versa.
  • Technological watching searches of the specific technical fields corresponding to a client’s activity.

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